About the DOSE Hunting Sponsorship Packages
We strive for 100% opportunity on the DOSE hunts and this sponsorship package can help cover the cost for up to three hunters.  Between the professional guided and lodge or club hunts, the DOSE program has a varied selection of hunting options. The DOSE Hunting Program was set up to assist and inspire veterans with specific physical needs, but these hunts can also be set up to help our older veterans stay active, such as veterans who are in assisted living and can’t get outdoors on a regular basis.  We use elevated stands and ground blinds to sit, use ATV’s and dogs to hunt wild hogs.

 Some sponsorship benefits can include and is not limited to;
Special signage recognition at the DOSE hunting recovery and coo out area.  Exhibitor opportunities for corporate partners who sponsor more than one hunting trip along with recognition speaking opportunities.  Pricing may vary considerably for specialized or professionally guided hunts, as well as hunting trips that require air fare and specialized ground travel. 

​​Trail Cutter 



Liberty Run Foundation

Trail Cutter Sponsorship Includes:

The Trail Cutter, individual hunt sponsorship, enables veterans who are not physically disabled to hunt, cost free. The Trail Cutter hunter doesn’t need the additional adaptive equipment or continued physical support that a disabled veteran, such as the expense that comes with travel, lodging and special accommodations.


* Blinds and Stand Preparation
* Food and Comfort Items
* Processing and Packaging of Harvested Game

The DOSE team of veterans are 100% volunteer, no staff member or any part of the executive team gets paid. The Veteran to Veteran (LRF-V2V) mentoring includes every aspect of this program, and all proceeds go to the mission. No veteran in this program or their family immediate family members ever pay to participate in the hunts we provide.  Equipment used as part of the DOSE program is provide through the generosity of our dedicated sponsors and individual donations.  We are very proud to be able to help our veteran brothers and sisters, and the LRF organizational motto says it all, “Brought together by the Oath, Committed by Blood” but the credit goes to those dedicated in supporting this very worthy cause.  The LRF team is dedicated and will go to great lengths to ensure sponsor support is acknowledged and thanked.

Semper Fi!

Liberty Run Foundation Inc.