Liberty Run Foundation

The DOSE team of veterans are 100% volunteer, no staff member or any part of the executive team gets paid. The Veteran to Veteran (LRF-V2V) mentoring includes every aspect of this program, and all proceeds go to the mission. No veteran in this program or their family immediate family members ever pay to participate in the hunts we provide.  Equipment used as part of the DOSE program is provide through the generosity of our dedicated sponsors and individual donations.  We are very proud to be able to help our veteran brothers and sisters, and the LRF organizational motto says it all, “Brought together by the Oath, Committed by Blood” but the credit goes to those dedicated in supporting this very worthy cause.  The LRF team is dedicated and will go to great lengths to ensure sponsor support is acknowledged and thanked.

Semper Fi!

Liberty Run Foundation Inc.

Variety of promotional opportunities can include, but are not limited to:
· Branding to all associated affiliates of the Liberty Run Foundation DOSE Disabled Veteran programs.

· Exposure on Liberty Run Foundation Web site, Social Media, DOSE Blogs, hyper links, as well as quarterly news letter and event  literature

· Special dedicated campaigns to promoting your company brand information and logo at LRF events.

· Promotion in online LRF affiliated programs promoting Disabled Sports events through social media as well as hyper links to web sites that offer 4,000 hits a day.

· VIP passes for staff and special clients to fund raising and social events being held annually.

· Promotion in upcoming fundraising events being conducted annually.

· Year-long branding program to keep sponsor’s name visible through event media campaigns.

· Branding on fliers and support literature included in fund raising and LRF mission event bags.

· Cross promotions with LRF Veteran-to-Veteran fund raising and mission events with  promotional    product giveaways.

· Premium booth locations for branding at LRF events illustrating sponsor  information and company logo.

The Liberty Run Foundation is a national year-round  brand that connects your business to the strong demographic of veteran support service businesses and the general public. The brand consists of the Downrange Outdoor Sports Experience activities for Disabled Veterans and their families, a solid and growing social media network and following, and a full yearly schedule of fund raising events around the country.  Included in the active events schedule are the New Jersey Armed Forces Day Festival, Liberty Lightning 10K, The Palmetto Veterans Day Festival, the Fairway Brigade Golf Tournament Series, and the Chrome and Fire Benefit Ride. Other benefits of the Liberty Run Foundation brand include speaking events, the annual DOSE Community Awards Banquet, Expo's and conferences displays, a year-long schedule of networking events. 

Partner Opportunities