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The Liberty Run Foundation (LRF) is a grass roots 501 C 3 non-profit Veteran's organization that provides veteran to veteran (V2V) support to enable direct continued care and programs for the special needs of our injured and recovering wounded veterans and their families through rehabilitation activities, continued motivation and moral inspiration. Our philosophy centers around a hands on approach and has greatly improved the success rate in an on-going, long-term recovery process; recovery that often times has no finish line. 

The LRF team is working hard to raise funds and create programs for our homeless, injured and struggling Veterans and mentor them back into the community.  Our concept is simple: Veteran-to-Veteran (V2V) mentoring to build a sense of purpose, engage our problems TOGETHER. 

The efforts of the LRF include adaptive sports programs, emergency assistance to aide and eliminate homeless veterans, and community level, grass roots networking to align with other groups and business professionals to help get veterans working and moving forward with their lives.  

LRF Motto; "Brought together by Oath, Committed by Blood."


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Dave English

Chief Executive Officer and President

Chris Fleming

Vice President of the D.O.S.E. Program, Sales, and Marketing

Robert Capelli

Vice President of Veteran Affairs and Community Outreach

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